A5 business network broadcast Reflections on the business secret network red incubator Betta TV

1 run away in Jin and E, they rent treasure pan and third party payment have any common gate?  

actually, all Ponzi schemes have a common "gate", it not only exists in the field of investment, more across economies everywhere, even in political theory also occupies a space for one person. The payment system is no exception, because the provision for depository rules are not complete, when you complete a payment of APP when using a mobile phone, in fact, have been exposed to this vital threat, misappropriation of funds may at any time.

at the end of last year the netizen compiled a "wealth scam" list: Jin Zhaoyang, with financial training for the entrance, pit walk 90 billion; e rent treasure, P2P platform publicity, volume 74 billion 700 million; Pan Asian non-ferrous metals exchange, in a number of officials, experts of the platform, swallowed 40 billion…… If you count on the foot of the P2P, the list is endless, this is not a recent burst in the Department of jin.

2 quickly cover the pockets of the first time in the history of Chinese banking collapse!  

banks will collapse? Will, but the reality happened; and some depositors until today, has not been able to get their money back! Why banks fail? Money? Money in the bank, just spend not only look at it in sixteen years become increasingly "small" banks but incapable of action! The money is not spent, this is the greatest tragedy in life.

banks will fail? Yes, and the reality has occurred; and some depositors until today, did not get their money back!

the government background of the bank in the end is how the collapse of


June 21, 1998, the people’s Bank of China issued a notice to close the birth of the Hainan Development Bank in two years and ten months (hereinafter referred to as the sea issue). This is the first time in the history of new China’s financial crisis because of the closure of a provincial government background of commercial banks.

The electricity supplier of  

3 on Betta TV;

they need to prove their profitability

game live is undoubtedly one of the two most popular Internet competition recently, many true gold silver was at the market. Betta, tiger, dragon flag, four major broadcast platform in the near future have won the favor of capital, and high valuation.

in all Games broadcast platform, Betta live is undoubtedly the best one: one is user traffic and brand influence leading rivals a body position; two March is just accepted by Tencent headed by 670 million investment, temporarily not bad money; the three is to anchor especially the super large anchor dependence is gradually reduced to eliminate the negative impact on some time ago being crazy poaching.

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