Baidu Guan Jian word price adjustment five steps

May 2, 2012, iResearch released Q1 in 2012 (first quarter) domestic search engine research, Chinese search engine market size of 5 billion 490 million yuan, from the domestic search engine market structure point of view, the first quarter of 2012 China search engine market concentration to further enhance. Baidu’s market share increased to 77.6%, an increase of 0.3%, Sogou grew to $2.7%, an increase of 0.2%.

large market share in the current enterprise marketing have to pay attention to Baidu, but the most important is the price of the bidding process in a ring, the share price of the experience, with China Valley ( as an example of

company bidding account!

first of all, click on the price of the keyword, Baidu is so defined, click on the price depends on you and the competitor’s ranking, bid and quality, the maximum will not exceed the keyword set bid.

1. Under normal circumstances, the price per click formula is:


by the above formula can be concluded: 1 click on the price will be affected by the quality of. Under the same circumstances, the higher the quality, the lower the price to pay. It can continue to optimize the quality to reduce the promotion cost, enhance the rate of return on investment, 2 due to competition environment may change at any time, even if your bid is unchanged, the same words in different times click price may be different, then I want to know how much is the rival of the bid? The answer is no way look! We can only touch the blind man across the river by.

! Such a price adjustment during my

first step: because now the competition is fierce, I in the new account structure, the default price of 2 yuan, the matching model for the broad match, I personally through the experiment, if the starting price is higher, more extensive pattern matching, Baidu has given the higher quality measure, of course not the official note


second: put on the budget of each unit set, many novice will forget it, or just set a general account on the budget, which is not very good, you know Guan Jian, the very word wide into the door, it could lead to a unit cost too much or a specific word of Guan Jian the result of too much consumption, and wide application, is to click on the trend observed in all Guan Jian word, but also to let the quality of

stabilized as soon as possible!The third step:

by one to two days of testing, the quality of the account is basically stable, according to consumption account Guan Jian words, selected hits, these words Guan Jian requires a manual adjustment of different industries, different companies, different requirements for ranking requirements, such as the medical industry that investment, can choose 1-3, if the company is selling products, high product cost, can choose a base strategy, of course, first click rate is high, but the conversion rate at the end of the more to the back, hits the bottom, but the conversion rate will be relatively.

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