Blogbus reborn breaking 10 days after restore access

[introduction] blog bus founder sinus Yi had revealed to the media, the website was blocked because of an illegal content already deleted.


re on-line blog bus home


blog bus yesterday announced

January 14th morning news, after breaking the network for up to ten days, the blog bus ( last night to restore access. After many days, and blog bus access together, have been restored access.

yesterday evening, blog bus on the website published the "start" to celebrate the announcement, not easily won survival. Notice that the current BlogBus operations are all normal, all operating procedures and licenses are available, all the data on the site has a double backup, there will not be any data loss situation.

January 5th, the blog bus home appears to visit the fault, but the two page access normal. Subsequently, the blog bus domain suffered banned parsing, the station can not visit. At that time, the founder of the blog bus Dou Yi revealed to the media, the site was blocked because of an article has been removed illegal content.

January 11th, blog bus customer service staff told the media that the site may in a few days to recover, compensation measures users will also recently issued within the scope of compensation, but will be limited to VIP subscribers. However, the latest official announcement did not mention compensation.

below is the full text of the blog bus announcement:

blog bus, starting again

since January 5th, blog bus because domain name service providers to stop the emergence of large-scale and analytic cannot access the situation, through our communication and coordination with the relevant departments to clarify, these days, is now back to DNS, around the user will resume normal batch access. At present, the BlogBus operation is normal, all operating procedures and licenses are available, all the data on the site has a double backup, there will be no data loss situation.

at this time, we moved to millions of users care, adhere to and wait; thank you for your concern and support, and trust them; we will strive to care more and more professional service to our customers.

now, the blog bus to start again, we will continue to move towards a better future.

we go with you all the way.

              bus stop two days can not visit millions of people difficult to log in

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