From Mom hit me again harvest Network Marketing nspiration

recently, a group of red cartoon.

a micro-blog user released such a group of four comic:

so bizarre plot twists, with the last century 70s and 80s comic book style, let this group of comic pictures quickly spread in micro-blog. Said the layman to watch, experts see road. Professional foreign trade network marketing planning organization focused on Albert pointed out that the success of the event, not by accident, mainly due to the excellent network marketing planning.

1 unique and innovative content

the content of this popular cartoon features two: first, the plot of the conflict. Primary school textbook illustration is generally good quality famous good children, but in this cartoon inside the "mother love good" such a phenomenon does not meet the psychological expectations of the masses. The existence of contradictory points to stimulate the second characteristics, that is, users of the dispute. Some people feel funny, people feel very vulgar, the confrontation between the two sides to create a nationwide discussion of the situation.

on the Internet, a lot of intentional or unintentional hot message, its content or be concerned about, or humorous, or ridicule, but they are inseparable from the unique and innovative content. To do a good job in network marketing, in this era of content, whether in the construction of the site optimization, advertising or product core, content is always the most eye-catching things.

2 perfect promotion strategy and plan

one is the time point of propagation. The cartoon was red on Friday afternoon when it came to work. So, we have to leave a message in micro-blog, forwarding, the hot spot to the climax. The two is the object of the transmission chain. The first round of preliminary diffusion content: micro-blog with input columns and top ranking for the promotion; second round: relay promotion, vigorously spread with the Reds micro-blog account, increasing attention. Chapter three: the Reds fans spontaneously produced content, so as to form a whole chain of communication.

any network marketing activities, the need to develop a detailed promotion strategy, whether promotion platform, promotion, promotion time steps or keywords, need to know in detail the planning target audience psychological condition, can be targeted to realize network marketing objectives.

3 with the aid of a convenient network communication tool

After the

cartoon red, a content generator came into being. The generator is free to change the text in the cartoon, which greatly facilitates the adaptation and continuous communication of each person.

originally adapted difficult picture content in the generator before everyone will become PS, users are in their own way, they want to ridicule ridicule adaptation of things, thus more and more cartoon version of the widely spread. Therefore, marketing also need to use a convenient network marketing tools.

has eight years of experience in the field of network marketing has always been convinced that the focus of Albert, to do a good job of network marketing, the above three methods are missing

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