From the specific details of the transaction is to buy 666 com ylmf

May 24th, according to sources, ylmf recently by domain name intermediary to buy domain name, the specific details of the transaction is unknown.


said that for half a year ago and had domain name holder contact, hope for $150 thousand to buy the domain name, but ultimately failed to reach a deal. Then, for several failed attempts by other means to purchase the domain name.

early in the morning of May 24th, the domain name trading platform China renamed CEO Kong Dejing foreign confirmed that the domain name has been successfully transferred to the company name, but he declined to disclose specific buyers of this domain and the transaction price.

, according to informed sources, this is actually for buyers, but it is unclear for the motivation to purchase the domain name.

it is understood that the wind had foreign purchase of,,,,, domain name. In addition to the use of a small number of domain names, other domain names are idle. (end)

              second is to be a blockbuster for domain name


              last shot again successfully acquired

     ylmf’s low-key on-line Yuzuo mobile phone Taobao

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