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this Sunday, Voofox will host a US internal called "foreigner" and "foreigner foreigner party Focus Party", the word "Focus Party" is our own, is "Focus Group + Alpha Test Party". Right after the announcement published a few days, it attracted a lot of echoes, so here to explain a little more.

a, Focus Party: here there is a YouTube film, the film sitting in the lower right corner of the man’s last heart attack, fell on the spot in front of everyone. This film shows the "Focus Group" is the way: a small room, was invited to answering questions from various industries, various ethnic and gender groups each, four are very hard to host described the situation to answer every question. This is what we want to do this Sunday. The export target of four hundred million English website, Internet population, the United States accounted for only half of the remaining still including the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and even India. Taipei already has the "resources", we will make good use of it, so that foreigners in Taipei to help us in the functional areas, the use of processes, and even the color of the part, give some pertinent suggestions. Site export long road and long, Voofox.com is our first product, then turn; accumulated the event roster, in the future we are opening the station can ask "consultants".

two, Alpha Test Party: as for the back of the "Alpha Test Party", which is intended to use the word "party" to let foreigners want to come over. If we only invited four people to open the "focus group", we should give everyone "fees", but the four person is clearly not enough on behalf of all the English Department of the country and the nation, we hope to find a little more, at least thirty or more foreigners, "" they hired if you cannot come, have to prepare some fried chicken and French fries finally, pizza and the like, send a T-shirt, we opened a "relaxed" party meeting Sunday afternoon, while "serious".

is the focus, we think that our Voofox development, has been able to "party" to the extent of it?. On Sunday this day, we come up with a half finished 100% have not yet completed, let foreigners the wisdom of the masses, help us to "touch", completed the final step. If there are many people who think that the function is particularly like, we will promptly expand the function. Since we have come up with a half finished 100%, so we hope to do whatever it takes to keep it down unless you bring a foreigner. A person with a foreigner, two people with two foreigners, if you know the foreigner, foreigners can also come Sunday, welcome to sign up here, remember to leave your phone number, we will call you to confirm that, no phone or without confirmation, the day still will not get into the ground. This is the rule that I have set up with all my colleagues, so

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