s Shi Yuzhu a T genius or a devil

   ;   on the evening of October 12th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s official website of the giant network Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the giant network) prospectus. Prospectus shows that the giant network is the holding company of Shanghai journey network, it will be the journey of its online products packaged to the NYSE listed.

      "Shi Yuzhu: IT genius? Devil? "

      when the media circle for the Alibaba listed on the news to occupy the B2B, led by Shi Yuzhu of the giant network also announced the upcoming high-profile visit the New York stock exchange, name a time and Ma Shi Yuzhu became the focus of media attention. Is the same as the 2007 "win in China" for judges, people suddenly broke into the online game market is full of all sorts of criticism of Shi Yuzhu, and more likely to be admired for ma. But there is one who can’t change the fact that Shi Yuzhu and his network game company, has become the domestic game market is very important in a molecule, especially its strong profitability is to let ordinary people to believe, so even if Shi Yuzhu was a IT man, but still be regarded as the intruder, being hostile a.

      let us restore Shi Yuzhu’s growth path, can be divided into three stages:

      first stage:

      the last century at the end of 80s, Shi Yuzhu borrowed 4000 yuan venture operation " Han card giant ", earned the first pot of gold under; in 1993, the giant Chinese launched a variety of products such as computer handwriting, after ranking four pass Chinese second private high tech Enterprises; in 1995, Shi Yuzhu was listed as "Forbes" Regal eighth in 1997; the unfinished giant building in Zhuhai has brought hundreds of millions of debt to Shi Yuzhu, he was occupied for Chinese individual mainland first negative;

      second stage:

      in 2000, Shi Yuzhu began operating "melatonin", and in a miraculous marketing has become the health care industry miracle, its advertising occupy the prime time television, has created a miracle; after the "mystery man" identity building giant announced settlement in the pre-sale section;

      third stage:

      in 2005, Shi Yuzhu into the online games, launched the "journey" free online games of the new rules, a year later made the number of users first. Similarly, this >

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