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was a Q & A websites down how much and woke up, in April 2014 a group, foreign quiz website Quora financing $80 million, followed by the country in June 2014 is also known to almost $20 million of new financing. It seems that the Q & a site is thriving, the Baidu index in the Q & a site search index is also significantly improved, but is it true?

Q & a site should be said to be another form of UGC model of the product, which is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Baidu know, until the day before, Baidu know to solve the problem of 272664310 (data from Baidu know, home) the comprehensive domestic other quiz website, or have died, or been in a state of half-dead or, to make the atmosphere. Earlier, I mentioned that Baidu is not just a search engine, the thickness of its contents, the domestic Internet Co unparalleled, 360 also deeply understand this, followed after the search launched the product, but the market is myself, without any waiting.

"disappeared" Search ask the dead Sohu ask


was incorporated into Sogou soso Soso Ask, is the most direct victim, directly incorporated into new products Sogou Sogou Q, as a fusion of two products, soso fate is doomed. Soso Ask on-line has been 7 years of history, on the occasion of its most popular in the country, comprehensive quiz website, after Baidu know, but it is still shaping the brand disappeared in the pattern of mergers and acquisitions.

and "disappeared" Soso Ask different destiny is another question – Sohu ask. Sohu Q lines are relatively long history, early comprehensive Q & a product also belong to the top, but later Sogou search whole Sohu ask a bit slippery, aside to ask Sohu incentive measures, only the late launch of the new Sogou answers on line, and obviously there are conflicting Sohu ask.

now, Sohu quiz is completely dead (public No.: WeChat Internet circle author Claire), open the Sohu Q domain name ( will jump directly to the Sohu, Sohu ( page circle is a circle similar to Baidu Post Bar interactive products, founded in July 3, 2007. Of course, Sohu ask another reason is dead Soso Ask the merger, obviously Sogou Q + soso – ask new QA products after Sogou quiz more competitive.

Qihoo turned 360 quiz quiz, difficult climate

ask Qihoo launched in March 2008, August 16, 2012, the 360 launched its own search engine search product 360, and the 360 quiz platform launched in September 22, 2012, the Qihoo (open Q & a domain name >

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