Tmall eleven double Guinness record Power com worth 7 million 720 thousand

renamed China ( November 14th news this week, the most striking is the "double eleven" Carnival, in front of a metal dog, monkeys and many other electricity providers after Dangdang campaign, Tmall is still strong, with the total turnover reached 57 billion 100 million yuan, up 57% than last year’s record perfect ended, not only last year, Tmall broke the record, it is a challenge more successful two Guinness world records, the domain name limelight.


figure: domestic domain name trading week dynamic

in this week’s domain name transactions in the country, there are several best 2 digital domain name transactions, in addition to the domain name traced million transactions, as well as and, with the completion of the transaction price.

This week

Pinyin domain name trading is still dominant, the acquisition of Alibaba 2 "ant" Larry domain, among them, 400 thousand yuan to complete the transaction. YY live low-key take "tiger tooth" Larry domain, replaced the original YY broadcast domain name, and appears as a live tiger. The demon pocket enabled "demon" Larry on the line. There are millions of dollars from owners of the "Jasmine" and "WeChat" domain name, the domain name, owners of the 6 digit "number" Larry, another Diepin domain name, to 125 thousand yuan transactions.

The letter

domain name, in addition to the 3 letter domain name image MKVCN news website enabled, as well as six digit owners of the, and the 4 letter domain name Qianjin pharmaceutical enabled, and Denmark Chinese commodity network enabled the domain name

domain name, 58 home enabled, Ferguson mall enabled, and domain name investors to buy second-hand car domain name, and In addition, WeChat phone enabled two domain name quietly on the line.



: foreign domain name trade figure

in the latest issue of the ND list Top20 data,.COM domain name accounted for 14. "Energy" English domain for $1261000, about 7 million 720 thousand yuan prices topped the DN list throne. It is worth mentioning that the list has 5 ".Global" new top-level domain, which, "work" for $15000. Another 3 countries top-level domain.


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