YAHOO expands Facebook patent litigation refers to its infringement of 12 patents

sina science and technology news Beijing time on April 28th morning news, YAHOO on Friday to expand the patent lawsuit against Facebook, in which the addition of two patent infringement allegations of intellectual property theft.

YAHOO said after the expansion of the allegations, Facebook social network has violated the company’s 12 Internet patents, after YAHOO alleged that Facebook violated its 10 patents. YAHOO alleged that Facebook violated an agreement reached between the two companies, the contents of the prosecution before the court should be notified of possible patent infringement.


said in a statement: "today, YAHOO to the San Jose District Court filed for more Facebook charges, these charges and Facebook violated two other patent related. Today’s lawsuit highlights the breadth of Facebook’s intellectual property rights violations by YAHOO. As we said earlier, YAHOO’s technology is the basis of our business with more than 700 million monthly independent visitors, represents the spirit of innovation, which is the foundation of YAHOO to establish. We plan to vigorously protect these technologies for our customers and shareholders."


also denied the Facebook against the company launched a counterclaim, which said it infringed 10 patents of Facebook, at the same time the accused had engaged in the dark behavior. Facebook also recently spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy patents and patents from IBM and Microsoft, the purpose is to enhance their own patent portfolio.


today submitted in court documents also pointed out: "but, from the point of view of information, Facebook in most or all of the counterclaim are lack of sincerity, especially those purchased from other companies where the patent. Of these patents, there are 8 Facebook purchased over the past 5 months, a number of patents were filed after YAHOO sued."

Facebook is preparing for the IPO (initial public offering) listing, plans to raise $5 billion in the transaction funds, which is expected to be the largest in the history of Silicon Valley IPO transactions. (Tang Feng)

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