Ten years of grinding sword of Yao Jinbo re start domain action

renamed China (eName.cn) March 4th news, this year is the 10 anniversary of the "58 city, is also the re start of the year, the Spring Festival has not yet been finished, Yao Jinbo has a lot of big moves. The domain name of the famous gangster in this period of time after the completion of how many things?

million upgrade to 58 domain


in the fifth day of the new year, Yao Jinbo bought two Larry domain, 6 digit acquisition of "fast" kuaia.com, and millions of dollars to take "home" for daojia.com, 58 home.

58 home is the city’s own brand under the name of the brand, Yao wants to make the brand to become the industry leader in all aspects of the foot of the effort of the 58. The upgrade domain name first affirmed the independent status of 58 home, but also an upgrade of the brand. 58 in the protection of the brand, has been in place. Upgrade to the 58 domain name, indicates that everything has just begun.

figure: 58 home

perfect car O2O chain

YiDianTong driving driving test platform has a good reputation in many cars in the family, the 58 city recently acquired a driving point, aims to perfect the whole chain of automobile O2O. In 58 of the city’s business, the car accounted for a very important area.

Yao Jinbo also recently bought the "car" Larry domain xueche.com, a 7 digit price. The domain name can be seen driving to build appropriate learning website literally, the domain name pointing to a driving point, will continue to be used in driving by the future, still can not determine. "Learning" the domain name xueche.com itself, to improve the 58 city car O2O layout, can also play a positive role.

and Yao Jinbo hand holding more than one industry domain, such as "flat-share" hezu.com, "part-time" jianzhi.com, "resume" jianli.com, "car insurance" chexian.com, is far behind many peers.


: driving by

incorporated into the field of second-hand housing expansion

58 city business mainly in four sector recruitment, real estate, automobile, yellow pages, in March of last year announced not to rule out the possibility to enter the second-hand housing intermediary market. Not long ago, the acquisition of 58 city live off the matter was confirmed, is undoubtedly a big move in the real estate sector in the city of 58.

Yao Jinbo also pioneered the protection of the 58anjuke.com domain name, can not help but speculate that will be used with the website? And it is well-known that, in brand protection, Yao Jinbo has always been ambiguous, the domain name 58anjuke.com or just to protect a brand


figure: 58 city and live off

Yao Jinbo for 10 years to allow everyone to recognize a "magic net"

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