U S media evaluation of Chinese social e commerce leading the West for ten years

U.S. media said, how important China position in the global economic arena? Nobel Prize winner Joseph · Skei Siti Gorlitz has made a reasonable judgment, he pointed out recently: "2014 is the last year the United States can calls the world’s largest economic power. After entering 2015, China will be in the first place, is likely to remain in this position for a long time, even if not forever."

the United States, "Forbes" biweekly website July 13th article said that the brand should pay attention to. The number of people who use the Chinese language on the Internet is now over the first time. China is now the world’s largest smartphone market. It may also be the world’s largest e-commerce market.

experts said, according to conservative estimates, China in Social Commerce (by means of electronic commerce mode of purchase and sale of the social network, through social interaction and other means — the note) ahead of the West for ten years. Think about it for ten years,


article said that this means that the brand not only need to pay close attention to the statistics of China’s technology penetration, but also need to learn more about how new technologies affect consumer behavior. Those who study the changing trends of social e-commerce in China and then ready for the United States will take advantage of the brand. Here are six inspiring examples:

1 Bo Bo (Burberry) customers in China than in the developed world, the average age of 20 years old.

businesses, especially retailers, must create a new script for Chinese consumers. For example, the company has entered the Chinese market in 2011, and was surprised to find that its fans in China are much younger than in other markets. The fashion brand has a younger, more fashionable style and sense of. They changed the layout of the shop, equipped with digital signage and tools. In other Western brands because of too much "fancy" and was Chinese abandon the occasion, burberry as fresh, its modern and attract new customers.

2 Alibaba is doubling investment in mobile commerce.

China business leaders, Taobao and other e-commerce platform owners Alibaba group, has made it clear that it hopes to serve the people of all walks of life and regions. In China’s rural areas where people can’t afford expensive desktop computers and laptops, Alibaba is working with China Telecom to sell smartphones as low as 299 yuan ($49). This is the Alibaba in China to create a deep foundation of clever tactics. Alibaba will soon challenge the western market.

3 WeChat sold 388 cars in the last 3 minutes.

China’s electricity supplier market size staggering. In August last year, on social applications WeChat, Smart car held a limited time to buy, 3 minutes to sell a car of 388. This amazing figure reflects the preference of Chinese consumers to online shopping, but also shows that WeChat electricity supplier >

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