Taobao this time to really three operators on the network card was cut

news August 31st, the day before, Taobao mobile phone number card "issued rules ban commodity adjustment announcement" rules, to adjust the Internet card charges or tariff packages and SIM card control range; on "mobile phone number / package / value-added services" to suspend access, sellers — this category of goods. The new regulations will come into effect on September 7, 2016.


rules after adjustment, domestic Internet operators tariff packages and tariff card or SIM card will be sold on, including domestic operators (including domestic virtual operators) IP phone card / card, network telephone card, 3G/4G Internet card charges / flow card, China Mobile / Chinese Unicom / China Telecom the new number of packages, and domestic operators (including domestic virtual operators) International Card / international Internet card charges etc..

at the same time, Ali also banned the sale of domestic travel business operators (including domestic virtual operators) all within the territory of the use of the telephone card products, such as IP phone card / card, network telephone card, 3G/4G card / traffic card, Internet tariff packages and other new number.

on the other hand, foreign operators of international card / international Internet tariff card can still be released.



billion state power network the keywords "card", "traffic card" to search, found that there are still a large number of sellers to sell domestic operators such as China Unicom traffic card, 4G card, daily rental card etc..


there have been media reports, in the low flow Taobao online sale of the card is usually a lower than the market price to the flow through special channels wholesale. The card itself has many potential risks, such as not renew, also cannot take the normal channels of rights, because the operator itself is not a formal meal, service quality can only rely on the conscience of the seller guarantee. On the regular operators caused a very bad influence.

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