How to make money using blog

blog as the Internet’s popularity in 2005, to a certain extent, we are from the Internet is QQ, the game out of the vicious circle, it can be said that the Internet is a bailout. Although many people blog is completely out of their own hobbies, excluding fame, there are a lot of occupation has become a blogger and some people, like me, every day in the recording of my own view to also want to change some real gold silver from his blog traffic.
      my article is to talk to you about how to get profit through our huge blog user base.

      first of all, from the advertising of the talk about the possibility of making money from the blog. The blog has as a basic network service, March 8, 2006, according to the China Internet Association released "2005-2006 China blog development trend analysis and Research Report", 2005 global blog number exceeded 100 million, while in China this figure can reach 16 million. The report believes that in 2006 the development of China’s blog industry is a crucial year. With the size of the blog blowout, China’s blog size will reach 60 million. This is a surprising number, meaning that there are 60 million character blog home page allows advertisers to advertise.

      from the blog to see the classification, there is pure literature, there is a discussion of music, film, photography, military… Wait。 In addition to the professional characteristics of bloggers, almost every person in the profession to write more or less will be able to write their own careers, which makes the blog covers almost all the contents of the whole life. This makes the advertising alliance for the blog can be better classified advertising investment.

      advertising content can be classified news like YAHOO advertising, one is the two website, and to the blog to promote polymerization. In addition can also be launched between advertising, advertising and other advertising companies as similar as in the blog to do correlation advertising advantage is very obvious, that can be screened according to the blog classification, and can be selected according to the tag value of blog advertising. No wonder Go>

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