A small minority of golf in the nternet to promote the possibility of popularization

1984, originated in Scotland gentleman Sports Golf in China to build the first club, marking the beginning of the golf industry in china. Today, the development of 32 years, the number of golf courses in China has experienced a crazy growth in the early part of this century reached a total of more than and 600. But China golf is still a niche sport, especially compared to developed countries such as America, Britain and Japan.

of course, reasons of China’s Golf audience is small and the high consumption, the high threshold is not divided, plus a few years a golf corruption, government red tape clearly pointed out that large-scale rectification of golf course. But the industry insiders know that the so-called "rectification is There’s no making without breaking.", in order to help Golf back to healthy, gentleman’s sport true for Chinese Golf into the real mass shop on the right path. According to statistics, last year the number of golf core of China reached 410 thousand, and the annual golf membership number of consumption is still more than 10%. In the face of the domestic market of 1 billion 300 million people, how to promote more people to know and love golf is the top priority of all golf industry.

twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the traditional industry should take the initiative to catch the Internet express. First of all, the emergence of the Internet to break the geographical restrictions, national and even global golf course can online booking, online platform but also for businesses to provide a lot of valuable information, get rid of the regional trade and border line, to allow businesses and consumers to obtain win-win, realize the sharing economy.

secondly, the emergence of the Internet to directly reduce the human cost of the golf club, will be a lot of work to solve the transfer line, thus playing the price can be reduced, the future is no longer a distant dream to play 100 yuan, lower the threshold to attract more playing middle income groups.

and Internet plus golf is a highly vertical segments, the online platform can well integrate businesses and consumers on both ends of the resources, the use of modern high technology to achieve the ultimate service, in order to achieve disruptive change. Get the people who have the world, now who can better meet the needs of consumers who can get the market.

then, specifically, "Internet plus" has brought about changes to the traditional industries of golf, golf in the future "Internet plus" in the tide of how to better the development of


one, online booking field is to subvert the traditional way of ordering

because of the special nature of the sport, playing a 18 hole golf on average to spend 4 or 5 hours, it is necessary to advance booking. Traditional golf club ordering process is cumbersome, almost all by the club front desk, customer service staff workload, the ball will be high labor costs and low efficiency. The problem in the "Internet plus" background are smoothly done or easily solved many. Many golf APP are set up online booking function, the use of electricity providers to simplify the flow field. For example, Baidu golf, golf Butler, >

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