CN domain name rose 480 thousand in June after a new high network remediation

Admin5 webmaster network August 2nd news, recently released the latest CN CNNIC domain name statistics, data show that the CN domain in June reached 3984188 of the total market, compared with the year in May reached an increase of 482124. Hit a new high after the end of 2009 the Internet bad information remediation.

the CN domain name directly due to the sharp rebound in the end of May CN domain name registration open excitement. May 28th CNNIC promulgated the new deal, the release of the 2012 edition of the China Internet Network Information Center domain name registration rules for the implementation of the old rules were amended. Announced the implementation of the revised domain name registration rules will be implemented from May 29th. Earlier rumors of the CN domain name has long been open personal registration information has been confirmed. After the implementation of the new regulations, the natural person will be the first to obtain.CN and Chinese domain name eligibility. The nets also claim that CN domain name registration open on the first day of the registered amount will reach 20 thousand. Increase of 20 times. Open registration news early before the announcement has been spread, after the opening of the commercial registration have launched promotions, the industry estimates, in the short term or open registration stimulation, CN domain will usher in the end of 09 network rectification off the personal registration for the first time in three years growth peak. The June CN domain name information is also verified before the forecast, re registration of the CN domain name, stimulate a large number of Internet users and owners to apply for registration. In the short term is expected to pick up.

CN domain name to pick up, to some extent, indicates that CN domain name still has a greater market potential. Especially in the enterprise terminal and domain name investment market, still has a greater value. Jingdong mall had previously reported the acquisition of short domain name jump Jingdong home page, further proof of the value of the CN domain name in the enterprise terminal and domain name investment. The reopening of registration, will further restore the loss of more than two years before the personal market. Heavy tree CN domain name brand. But the short-term rebound is still unable to save CN domain caused by long-term decline under the loss.

CN domain name after the resumption of the face of the problem on the one hand from the previous CN domain name off the impact of personal registration. Network remediation caused a large number of regular CN domain name site was affected, closed without reason. Under the name of the new deal CN domain name is difficult to register, it is difficult to record so that the webmaster can not afford to hurt, it is difficult to restore the trust of the loss of personal market. On the other hand, to reopen the CN domain name registration, still faces no small policy risk, the domain name protection period shorter, violations may be cancelled, registration information audit more stringent, so many webmaster can’t flinch, try again.

July 19, 2012, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "report" thirtieth Chinese Internet development in Beijing, the report shows the domestic Internet users exceeded 538 million, mobile phone as the first Internet terminal. With the rapid development of the Internet more deeply, more inseparable from the value of the CN domain name. How to restore the loss of CN domain name, heavy tree CN domain name brand effect, will become the future of domestic Internet Development >

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