You must estimate your profit before making a product

there is one thing you have to do before you get into the internet. There is no point in the project without profit. The crab in a Baidu example:

example of "diet pills". To sell pills on the Internet, first use Baidu Search "slimming", from the number of search results that in principle you have 2730000 opponents, but many of them not as your competitors, because a lot of matching pages and slimming products it can be ignored. So your competitors may only tens of thousands of pages to hundreds of thousands. Now I extract the results of the first page of the weight loss drug products stand to analyze: http://s. example By inquiring about the information of this station, the station’s monthly traffic is about 10200.

The following

we need to know the station’s monthly sales, there are some methods, such as the end of the first to buy a piece of their goods, goods number do subtraction, if the product is in accordance with the number of consecutively numbered production, so it can probably estimate the other sales, can also get information to each other through a number of sales here no longer talk about engineering. Get about sales, you can know their profits, because if you do the same product, the price can be estimated. Next we calculate conversion: conversion rate = sales / month visit number, assuming sales volume is 210, then we find the month before the combination of visits, the conversion rate of =210 divided by 10200=2%, so if our products stand do "slimming" the Baidu keywords ranking seventh, we can estimate the us the profit, because the indicators will be roughly the same. For example, the conversion rate is 2% monthly visit of 10200, our product profit of $100, then the estimated profit of =10200*100*2%=20400 yuan. Know the profit, we can estimate the feasibility of the project. Because there is no shortage of improvisation, welcome friends. At the same time, also invited the direction of the Internet marketing with my friends to add the group learning exchange: 90391908

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