Newcomers do electricity supplier only play brand alternative ideas real landing

a, how to find their own understanding of the industry and product

two fast crowd positioning

three crowd thinning analysis

how to get people often appear position

understand the crowd favorite thing to do

four clever use of large platform, out of traditional thinking

five to make their own database system, to prepare for long-term combat


a, how to find their own understanding of the industry and products

what is understanding, many people ask what they know, sometimes really do not know. Then you ask yourself what you like, if you do not know these things, please face the situation. Don’t escape!

face now, live in the moment. Continue to explore, you can definitely find a way of their own, you can definitely find a more interested in their products.

if you already have a product or has been in operation, this article also mentioned, we first help friends do not have a solution to how to change the present.

: if you can’t find any change, please rest, go to travel, see the latest information, to have a turn, constantly absorbing the new environment and new things, then you’ll find that the effect is very good, I do not know what time the brain suddenly changed, you have changed, this is me experience again, the effect is very good, you can test.


for the product you want to analyze the product data, you expect this product can do how long, how much is the minimum of this product in the future, this product in which most people love, this product is the number of Internet users recognition…… And so a series of problems to be clear.

two fast crowd positioning

find products can be very easy to do, as long as you have a little experience, looking for products are not very difficult, but with the product do not know who to sell, this time the problem of headache appeared.

do crowd positioning before you get ready for the good quality of your products really, your customers to buy back a really within a year. To get these problems, in order to locate their own, this time you set the high-end or low-end heart is also very clear.

first want to sell a product on the Internet, you want to analyze large data, for example, you sell the mother and child series. Mother and child must be the mother of the main population, but the mother and child products are also divided into a variety of people: immediately to do mom is already a mother, relatives gifts……

you have to know who to sell their products easier to sell, identify your customers, your products will be sold easily.


is small, do it first

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