The electricity supplier industry giants to enter the wholesale market companies need to plan ahead

lead: U.S. tech blog Business Insider yesterday to comment on the article said, Amazon and other e-commerce companies are gradually to the enterprise procurement market, to deal with the new online purchase mode, enterprises need to think prepared from culture, data management etc..

is as follows:

Amazon eyeing your client. EBay and other e-commerce distributors as well. Nothing can stop them from following their customers’ buying habits and persuading customers to buy their products. You’d better start a rainy day.

if you look at my mail received last month, you might think I’m Geoff Bezos and Amazon CEO (Jeff Bezos) are close friends. Almost every day I received an email from Bezos (he was on behalf of the Amazon Co), in the mail he would give me some shopping advice.

in addition to actively expand the retail market, Amazon and eBay and other electricity providers giant also begin to change the thought into the industrial market, the traditional store found that the electricity supplier companies gobble up their market share is only a matter of time.

think about it: companies such as Amazon have technology, distribution networks and brand power to do it. Ask the famous Home Furnishing decoration supplies chain home depot (Home Depot) and Lloyd (Lowe s) will know that they are far behind in the electricity supplier distribution. Why can’t Amazon sell bolts, washers and motors for no reason?.

companies that buy from distributors are aware of the importance of this change, and they have to decide how to respond to this shift. Of course there are many potential problems, for example, taking into account the Amazon via e-mail and network show tracking customer buying habits and put forward advice if you are shopping, because the company’s internal "rogue procurement" (they usually have bad purchasing behavior) and difficult to control the cost, then obviously more difficult to control these conditions in the amazon.

the good news is that the industry can learn from the retail market, the following is the company in response to the growing number of e-procurement should consider a few points:

1 cultural transformation

many companies still use fax or e-mail to send purchase orders, many supply chain experts believe that this is the only way to ensure that the purchase of goods and the company’s own terms and conditions. If you buy from Amazon, you must agree to their terms and conditions.

but the last time people read and signed by fax or email the purchase order terms is what time? These things even if the court is untenable, and if the final court, on what terms and conditions should be applied to the argument, only those in small fees when lawyers will be the ultimate winner.

of course, most companies are doing a certain percentage of the

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