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Beijing, March 15 (IT channel Zhang Sinan) no reason to return for seven days, is strictly prohibited disclosure of personal information of consumers, the need to operate the real name authentication shop…… The new "network transaction management approach" has been formally implemented since March 15th, and at the same time, the current interim measures for the administration of online commodity trading and related services.

online shopping to enjoy 7 days after repentance

with the development of e-commerce, online shopping has become a common way of trading. People enjoy the benefits of online shopping at the same time, the quality of online shopping is not the same, the product of false information and other issues also caused widespread consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. According to data released by the China Consumer Association, in 2013 to carry out the consumer associations at all levels received a total of 20454 complaints online shopping shopping, accounting for sales of service complaints volume of 52.4%.

today with the "consumer protection law" began to implement the new "network transaction management approach", the online shopping seven days no reason to return, the use of technical means of unfair competition, business shop requires real name authentication and consumer rights etc. detailed measures to refine the supplementary provisions. Compared with before the revision of the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures", the new approach sixteenth revised clear provisions of the online shopping, digital audio and video products in addition to online shopping consumers custom, perishable goods, unpacking and delivery of newspapers, periodicals, have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. The provisions of the new consumer protection law and the implementation of the same day, the terms of the protection of the interests of consumers in the online shopping process consistent.

"network transaction management approach" will lead to a large online shopping Master applauded, many netizens said that the methods specified in the online shopping seven days no reason to return solves the shopping menace from the rear with the legal protection, online shopping do not have to "silence". Although consumers in the shopping process has the right to regret, but consumers have to regret to pay, bear the return shipping costs.

in addition, the new approach also provides network operators who sell goods or services shall issue the invoice to consumers shopping vouchers or documents in accordance with relevant state regulations or commercial practices. As a result, consumers in the purchase of invoices and other shopping vouchers or service documents, online commodity operators must issue, in the event of disputes, can be used as a basis for consumer complaints.

disclosure of consumer information is strictly prohibited

According to media reports

, who lives in Beijing, Ms. Liu, once on the Internet to buy a set of high-end cosmetics, every day will receive cosmetics, clothing and accessories and other businesses selling the phone, the other even know their home address, which Sharon was very distressed, through the relevant investigation was leaked businesses shopping process my personal information. Into the era of e-commerce, online shopping information >

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