From the designer channel low key on line look at Ali’s C2B complex

March 31st, Ali low-key on-line designer channel, currently the project is in beta, without any publicity, is only the entrance has a carousel figure in Tmall home page museum. Compared with the Tmall stiff serious layout, the project appears to bring a fresh Tmall page layout. This is a new milestone in the electricity supplier to Ali C2B. Compared with the grandiose Ali O2O strategy, this project is more practical and down to earth, to more fully. According to veteran news, the project of Ali after 3 years of dormancy was settled, is expected in June this year will be officially launched.

what kind of project is


the designer channel in the end is what kind of project, why Ali would take 3 years to develop this project? The landing channel will find this is a simple DIY, can let the customer design of the cloud system, customers can easily draw their own map to simulate plane apartment layout decoration, and generate 3D effect of map, view the furniture to the real effect of their own. Of course, if you are not satisfied with your design work, you can also consult the designer directly to provide them with professional design.

in the entire scene, its beauty lies in the customer calls the furniture model are Tmall home improvement store shop products, you can buy directly. The whole project opened up the customer, decoration companies (designers), the interests of the interests of the chain of Tmall home improvement seller three, forming a closed loop. The designer is responsible for businesses and stores the products into the design scheme, if the customer through the designer’s plan to purchase orders, designers can be called product sellers Commission rebate. The Tmall home improvement seller is responsible for modeling, the product model will be uploaded to the cloud for designers to choose.

what is the significance of this project?

this project is a typical C2B model, consumers can customize their own furniture according to their own needs. Before this, the consumer online purchase Jiezhuang products are in great pain points that do not know their true effect to furniture, do not know if it is the right size? Through the personalized design of customer apartment layout can help customers improve the online purchasing experience, if made, this is the traditional line store again shock. For Ali, the project is an important milestone in the strategy of Ali C2B, Ali is also a huge step to seize the strategic step home appliance giant cake. Although the decoration materials have been Ali advantage in the field, but the 2013 less than 60 billion of the sales volume last year, double the 11 pan Home Furnishing field only 3 sellers in the top 10, the market volume is clearly with the decoration materials up to 2 trillion scale does not match. Ali’s move is expected to enhance the user’s online shopping experience to consolidate their dominance in the home appliance electricity supplier.

Ali C2B complex

Ali every few years will stand on the commanding heights of the industry to explore new business concepts, and these business concepts have become a traditional industry to promote the Internet turn again

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