My DC Road the space agency all the way

      to the people do not, the space domain, and then turn the world upside down on the Internet is looking space domain provider, network, new network era, with it, should be each with their own advantages of products. Want to set Wanquan into one body, but in the process of the production site, the problem space is greater than their price the price of the website itself. This is the price we can not accept the space. After all, profit is the source of our lives.

      network for large and small companies. The price of a home to a comparison. In contrast to the choice of the cheapest, most feel the advantages of a company. Personally to visit, understand. Feel good. Agent paid in advance, the contract signed.

      friends, friends to space I highly recommend, sales have been rising.

      the beginning of the nightmare, a morning received the customer’s phone, how can not open the site? Then one after another phone came in. Worried, check a few sites do not have their own. Online customer service provider is not in space, had to call the company immediately.

      the company replied that the line is a bit of a problem, right away. After a few hours of anxious waiting, finally on the. Hanging heart down. The company will not have such a problem.

      less than half a month, the site can not go up. "My site in Baidu promotion." "I was about to watch a foreign site." "hurry up, what time can the good." "I open the website how so slow ah" I like ants on a hot pan, only urging the company quickly.

      the company’s service attitude is very bad, the answer is "the Internet who can guarantee that no problem" "this is a very normal thing." "hackers" "someone put bad information, the police were checking the" bad "server hard disk" finally, my heart is broken, I have no words to face their clients, face their own friends I have no face. Old customers are not buying my side of the space. The old is gone, the new has come and gone. I understand a truth, a simple truth. Choose the space price is not the focus, stability, security, speed, is the most important, I will not go to the price.

      make up my mind, I no longer sell junk space over there, there are thousands of pre payment, I do not want to. I can’t apologize to the customer, and if it does, I’ll lose more. Give up is my only choice, can only look for better. In the middle of a few companies, not slow, is not stable. >

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