nteresting medical network announced the acquisition of 40 million B round of financing led by Bai

[Abstract] fun medicine network was founded in May 2014, in September won the Hong Hui capital, Softbank capital Chinese A $8 million 500 thousand round of financing.


technology news (Han Yimin) September 10th, Qu medicine network announced the completion of $40 million B round of financing, this round of financing led by Baidu, Softbank capital China (SBCVC), Hong Hui capital (HighLight Capital) with the vote. Huaxing capital (China Renaissance) served as the exclusive financial advisor to the financing.

in the completion of the B round of financing at the same time, interesting medicine network announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu, the network will expand interest medicine medical resources and medical information in the field of service capability, to play their own advantages, boost Baidu connecting people and services; Baidu will be in the field of search engine, big data, network security, cloud technology such as network to provide resources to support medical interest.

fun medical network was founded in May 2014. In September of the same year, won the Hong Hui capital (HighLight Capital), Softbank capital Chinese (SBCVC) A $8 million 500 thousand round of financing.

fun medical network owns "fun hospital" and "interest medicine hospital network" and "interest medical providers and many other brands. Among them, the "interest hospital" App is a designed to improve the experience, improve the service mode of medical institutions are patient, appointment registration, query, report covering payment, hospital management and so the whole process of medical service; Qu medicine network hospital "is committed to building a network video inquiry service platform, to provide patients with video interrogation in the doctor the mobile terminal and the hospital medical service solution;" original product launch medical providers ", focusing on the provision of medical institutions and suppliers to communicate platform and information exchange platform.

Beijing Yi shares, fun medicine network chairman Dr. Li Zhi said, interesting medical network in the country has more than 1 thousand public hospitals in the "fun hospital platform. After the completion of the $40 million B round of financing, medical network will increase the fun of the construction of the hospital + platform, significantly enhance the platform’s service radiation range, and thus help medical institutions to transform the Internet service model.

Baidu to enter the Internet healthcare industry’s long-standing, after Baidu know, Dulife has been through a variety of ways to test the waters of online medical industry, with the investment interest medical network, Baidu medical industry in the Internet and the next chess cloth.

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