Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 8 25 8 31

interview flying learn to try to do not regret a webmaster

good water: a few days ago booking Tibetan mastiff information network in the Admin5 webmaster webmaster flying interview, happened to meet his site problem, today finally invited flying! Flying is to do QQ station is known, remember he did the first personal website QQ online. After the site on the line in just 4 months seems to flow more than 3W, PV around 15W. Later the station is to reach 30W, but today our topic is not his QQ station, but to talk about the new Tibetan information network, about his business tactics of flying, the proposal of


Baidu "QQ" ranked second in the super cattle website SEO analysis

QQ residence in this website has aroused the interest of SEO researchers and practitioners. How can it in second? It is for Baidu to do what optimization? It is worth SEoer and webmaster reference in what aspects? Laien from below, Xie factors affect the search engine ranking on the cattle station do a SEO analysis.

network: I decorate the road of entrepreneurship

summer afternoon, the beautiful Nanchang city hero, Castle Lake DIO coffee shop, < from Beijing; China entrepreneur > magazine reporter Yuan Yin of course I founded makeup dot nets made a personal interview, she talks quietly, thinking carefully, as if I returned to

10 years ago…

I got from 0 to 200 thousand IP do stand experience

how do I get from 0 to 200 thousand IP. I’ll tell you about my experience. From a few IP per day to 200 thousand IP. I was about a year ago this time begin to do a website, I apply for the domain name (non AD, think it is AD, please administrator shield meter)

I do experience three years to get

some people will think, do not say why the success of a single failure, failure is very sad. To tell the truth, are not afraid of a joke, until now I have been a failure, if failed, and find their own weaknesses, so as to better promote the future efforts to study and success. Today is to share all of their own failure and failure in everyone and learned can contribute to successful knowledge, my literary ability is limited, please don’t laugh at me.

personal webmaster must see: several points of

network business

network era grassroots rise, shouting "military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace, dauntless courage to attempt to subvert and change the world. The spirit is commendable, but besides passion and impulse, more important is the ideas, ideas determine, train of thought is wrong, everything will become empty. In the network, we must follow six clear ideas: Strategic argument, profit model argument, speed argument, elevator argument, the argument of the rabbit and rabbit, the argument of market barriers.


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