OCQ com take a 14000 Tencent to discard old domain name

It is reported,

news April 18th, Tencent "predecessor" official domain name OICQ.com on the 15 day after being deleted due to heavy note auction in this domain caused the attention, after 3 days of the auction, the final OICQ.com domain name for $14000 (about 88105 yuan) price of the successful shoot node.

domain name query encyclopedia, OICQ.com registered in 1999, the domain name renewal period until January 26, 2012, at present, the Tencent Inc holding two CN domain OICQ.cn/.com.cn/.net domain name.


: domain name auction figure


Although the

Tencent in the OICQ.com domain name auction as you wish in the fight to price war, but does not mean that the Tencent gave up the domain name, domain name for OICQ.com Tencent after all still have feelings, once the official domain name, do not let it fall into the hands of others.

1999, the Tencent launched OICQ instant messaging software, OICQ.com and OICQ.net and registered the domain name, the domain name dispute problem due to the two domain name to arbitration. In April 2001, the Tencent had to give up their own business has long been the brand, renamed Tencent QQ 2000 cartoon image with their own design, after two full years of time, the Tencent has been the tencent.com domain name as the main domain name, OICQ.com quietly out of the public eye.

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