The nternet security report will let Ma Huateng anxiety but also forward a circle of friends and a

believe you read, but also anxiety.


Ma Huateng has said that the security business is no longer a small achievement, he will forward circle of friends. If this is the case, then the Tencent security was issued 2016 annual Internet security report, Ma Huateng after reading concern security incidents, even more than the praise and anxiety, for the accumulation of a large data security point.

from the Internet security report released by Tencent can be seen, with the popularity of the Internet and the full penetration of economic life, viruses, Trojans, Internet fraud and other risks continue to increase. In 2016 the new PC virus number increased by 67% compared to 2012, the virus infected mobile phone users also rose month by month, December 2016 reached a peak, 81% more than in January.

review in 2016, Internet security incidents mainly in the following points:

in addition to haze, Beijing or spam messages hardest hit

has received these messages have not been deleted, according to incomplete statistics – winning 137 times, the total amount of funds of $72 million 600 thousand, laptop computers in Taiwan, the first prize in the TV 56 times…… "This is a joke circulated on the Internet, but also the portrayal of spam messages, SMS fraud rampant now.


report shows that the total amount of spam messages in 2016 Tencent mobile phone housekeeper users to report up to 1 billion 70 million times, and showed increasing trend due to increased month by month, double 11 and double 12 of the popular online shopping festival, marketing efforts, spam messages reached the peak in 11 and December.


2016 spam messages up to 1 billion 70 million times, in 11, in December peaked

in 1 billion 70 million spam messages, there are 80.56% of advertising, and the other is fraud messages, and the other is illegal text messages, 1.03% for other categories of. "The occasion to spread messages of fraud, illegal loans", posing as the landlord transfers, paid recruitment, posing as an acquaintance relatives type is impossible to guard against all kinds of.


2016 fraud SMS type accounted for

, which accounted for 17.53% of illegal text messages, the highest in the first place. When economic conditions are not good, received without collateral, three minutes quick loans loan information, is likely to be favorable conditions to attract, and thus fall into the quagmire of "usury", cannot withdraw.

in terms of geographical distribution, Guangdong province is still spam the hardest hit, with 11.36% of the proportion among the first users to report spam messages to the provinces of TOP10, followed by Henan Province, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Hebei Province, Guangxi Province, Sichuan Province, Hunan province and Liaoning province.

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