LETV pictures into LETV know how much value

December 5, 2015, LETV (300104.SZ) released "about planning a major reorganization of the suspension notice", announced the official launch of the "music studios" into the matter and promised within 30 calendar days (before January 5, 2016) disclosure scheme.

, how many music studios will be in what way into the valuation, the impact on the overall valuation of LETV


film music as background

Music Studios was founded in 2011, is LETV brothers, both of which Jia Yueting is the ultimate controller.

2012, LETV pictures produced or distributed 6 films, grossing 625 million yuan; or 2013 9 release of the film grossed 1 billion 50 million yuan. By the end of 2014, total production and film music as issue 28 films at the box office revenue of about 4 billion 70 million yuan, including the "time" series, "old boy", "bear" high grossing film.

It should be said that Jia Yueting in

careers company, tiger sniffing has set point "these years, LETV have dug what company executives?".

and music to new music as sports, music studios, similar protrusions and outstanding filmmakers join closely related:

CEO Zhang Zhao, who served as president of enlight, joined the music studios in 2011: in May 2013, Jia Yueting and Zhang Yimou "talk" to the art director; subsequently, and signed Lu Chuan; April 2015, Tsui Hark — the Chinese circle and a big director "on the ship". No matter what the final film music as Jia Yueting, in the allocation of talent not what a pity.

to help a large coffee together, of course, want to do an independent listed company, like Huayi, light, like John boehner. CEO Zhang Zhao expressed on various occasions as film Independent listing ambitions.

from the perspective of capital operation, Jia Yueting should also tend to independent music studios listed. The first is to facilitate the valuation of the capital market. If a listed company that has a website and the production of mobile phones, even if the electricity supplier and make a movie, the analyst will drive crazy. The final loss is their own, because each business should be more than the valuation of analysts have been discounted. Followed by the possibility of enriching capital operations. The company is in the mutual cooperation, and can attack from various directions in business, separately in the capital market financing, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions. Especially Chinese chiefs, very love into a system, such as Delong, tomorrow, fuxingxi etc..

August 2013 A round of financing in October 2014 200 million, B 340 million round of financing, "posture" music studios ran to the independent listing.

independent listed Mengsui

the second half of 2014, Jia Yueting detained overseas, "rumors" since four, LETV price is "retreat" or even close to the Pledged Shares of the cordon.

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