Western more than and 400 jurisprudence site is still infected with the virus spread


China software information network comprehensive news on November 25th, according to the Central Committee and the people’s Daily recently conducted a large exposure to pornographic mobile phone site issues. It is understood that in the recent 1 months of centralized clean-up remediation action, only a province in the western region on the closure of the more than and 400 pornographic mobile phone website.

days ago, the national anti pornography office issued "on the crackdown on mobile phone website production, dissemination of pornographic information activities of the emergency notice", notice requirements of mobile phone production sites, pornographic and other harmful information dissemination activities and special treatment.

Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center responsible person, this year the center has received on the mobile phone WAP website report is on the rise, mainly in some mobile phone WAP site spread pornographic and vulgar, fraud, gambling and other content, including pornography category accounted for more than 90%.

the official pointed out that illegal mobile phone WAP site is the primary cause of knowingly violate, crime against the wind, or by the interests. At the same time, there is no clear laws and regulations to regulate this. In receiving the report, the phenomenon of individual is more obvious, highlighting the concealment of such illegal content, which makes the process of obtaining evidence is relatively difficult.

people’s Daily published a review article pointed out that the mobile phone and the Internet to broaden our horizons, to facilitate our life, should become the carrier of spiritual civilization, and not become poison the social atmosphere channel. Mobile porn, not only poison the young people, but also damage the social spiritual civilization. Adhere to the socialist core value system, the construction of a harmonious society, to the mobile phone pornography pollution will not.

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