W wan suspected cattle furniture electricity supplier closed for 3 months to burn billions of dollar

Express News reporter Han Zhen reported

days ago, there is news that only set up more than 3 months of cattle net nest furniture electricity supplier may have been closed down, the official website can not be opened. Yesterday, the new express reporter tried to contact the cattle nest network, the company has been unable to connect the phone.

company was blasting all layoffs

for the fund chain break rumors cattle nest net is long-standing, users who have claimed that micro-blog claims three hundred million funds three months lost cattle nest light! Without warning overnight staff layoffs, a show that the leadership of the elite."

it is reported that cattle nest network was established in June 4th this year, according to the company’s registered information, the actual registered capital of 6 million yuan, located in Shanghai.

The people in the

according to the introduction of cattle cattle nest, nest network founded by some members of the original Meikailong electricity supplier team, initial investment of 100 million yuan of the Eurasia group. Ouyada group is a large enterprise with more than and 20 years of experience Home Furnishing circulation.

three months burned on billion yuan, cattle nest net "burning" speed is frightening, for this, business celebrities Gong Wenxiang said: "the traditional furniture enterprises boss fad invested in this website, a few months later found not decisively shut. Only a few million dollars."

in this regard, cattle nest network CEO Liu Yang publicly in October 8th: "a voice in the micro-blog cattle net nest there will always be a statement, antecedents and consequences, and we are in the final investor response."

take the money of the traditional furniture channel of their lives?

in recent years, the operating difficulties of the vertical electricity supplier into the integration stage, the electricity business there has been a vertical electricity supplier is dead point of view, and cattle nest network was established at this time. At that time, the news that the company only through a few months to attract investment, attracting more than and 800 high-end domestic brands settled. But now still escape.

media said the Internet directly pointed out that the cattle nest network with the traditional furniture channel to do the work of the investment in the traditional home channel life, the difficulty is too big.

and furniture electricity supplier has been expanding rapidly in the past two years, get the investment in the household electricity supplier is also increasing. But public data show that more than 80% of the furniture business is highly concerned about the electricity supplier, more than 60% of the manufacturing enterprises are planning to implement, but only about 5% of the enterprises have achieved good economic benefits.

last month, based on Chengdu local E-commerce mall B2C Le Jiayi has been operating in almost all sweaty, advertising has become the exclusive position of Baidu promotion.

Shouzheng partners Cci Capital Ltd co-founder Pan Shouzheng once said, in addition to set some money outside the sand village, Lecong Taobao off goods Amoy brand, other popular Home Furnishing business almost do not make money. Profit model, strong regional characteristics of the product, investors and other issues have been demanding more difficult to break through the bottleneck.

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