From Jiayuan listed and behind the little known data

Jiayuan listed, the industry over the time set in the first half of 2011 nasdaq. At present, the company’s market capitalization of about $300 million, is expected to finance the amount will be $100 million up and down.

around July 2008, Gong Haiyan has been looking forward to about 3 years can be listed. Now, PWC has done much for the audit Jiayuan, is preparing for the listing. The hardships of many years.

said the positive side, some of the data and the story behind can be shared.

Jiayuan registered users at around 21 million, the number of active users of about 8 million, the number is about 2 times of other dating sites. At present, Jiayuan online revenue at 15 million RMB per month before and after the line is very few, about one million. Annual revenue of around 200 million.

industry – the industry profits high, in 4 before and after, which is 80 million. A rough estimate, the market value of $300 million, $100 million financing slightly for law-abiding.

need to be noted that the above figures are projections, there is no official export. Only for your reference. If you visit some experts around the circle, you will get the above figures, and will know the following figures:

why Jiayuan will way ahead in the industry? Thanks to her in the early stage of market development and user access to the bold.


2007, two in 2008, Jiayuan has adopted an extremely aggressive expansion strategy, during the annual advertising investment 15 million yuan, of which 9 million voted for sina. This figure has another argument, that is 12 million, in fact, is the nominal number, more than 3 million of sina’s free distribution of resources.

this strategy is very effective, especially in the 08 years before and after the financial crisis, the advertising slump, advertisers sharply retreated, the crisis continues to plague the world. So how important is a big client for sina. Do you remember VANCL? Old was also by the large supply, obtain excess distribution, with most of the resources such as Sina portal support.

4 million to MSN. Do you remember the MSN client on the channel of marriage, it was just the beginning of the auction, once the price of $3 million to be eligible for cooperation. At this time, other sites have adopted a conservative strategy of marriage, slow development. Therefore, Jiayuan in particular two or three city level far off the opponent.

last year, Jiayuan advertising increased to about 17 million. This year, the budget has soared to 40 million!

yes, 40 million. Among them, 9 million still in Sina, the 4 million MSN channel label has not changed. 10 million Baidu signed a framework, Jiayuan also voted in the bus and other traditional advertising, web site, storm, cool sound > in more than and 10 large and medium-sized city

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