Dutushidai social network to visual


Pinterest and other pictures of the rise of social networking sites, is the best proof of social networking visualization

lead: U.S. IT website Computerworld Saturday published a signed Mike · Eyre Gan (Mike Elgan) the article said, with the gradual evolution of social networks, not limited to the region and language picture gradually replaced the complicated and subtle words, become the main media to spread word meaning, which not only helps explain many the odd phenomenon of Silicon Valley, will also promote the development of consumer electronic products.

below is the full text of the article:

social media in the new language is no longer a text, but a picture. No matter in which social networking sites, the most interesting content with pictures. Why does the picture suddenly go beyond the word on the social network and what impact does this trend have on your electronic device?


pictures dominate

blog has gradually become a public news platform, are derived from the power of the text. As the earliest and the best existing blog of Dave · (Dave Winter); winter Scripting News blog almost no what visual elements. About 12 years ago, a variety of topics of excellent blog began to develop rapidly. Soon, a variety of outstanding content emerge in an endless stream dizzying.

about 5 years ago, the rise of Twitter, many people do not understand why Twitter so quickly became popular, but in hindsight, the answer seems obvious: Twitter so that we can easily pay attention to a lot of people do not have any burden. You see or not, the message is there.

if you can focus on 20 excellent blog, then with the same time and effort, you can focus on the 50 RSS or 1000 Twitter account.

if you understand social media every revolutionary progress — from blog to RSS, then Twitter can increase people can handle the contents of the number, then you can understand why the picture will become the essential elements of a revolution.

this is a response to the social network fatigue syndrome. We have evolved from reading a small number of blog articles to browse a lot of Twitter news, and now has just begun to be equipped with pictures of the contents of "moving".

currently has two major changes. First of all, the habits of ordinary readers are from the quality of the large amount of detail, turned to a brief glance at a glance. Secondly, the increasing number of participants.

yes, there are not many people who can really make an informed point of view, but now, everyone is involved in social networks. However, many people are just spectators.

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