The past ten years the nternet drift Robin Li black for the ideal

data figure: Baidu founder Robin Li


Beijing, August 7, August 1999 Haidian District government announcement of a paper launched a massive demolition and renovation engineering. Zhongguancun Street low and poor little dressing room in the roar of the machine disappeared, since it became China Internet industry sites, Baidu (micro-blog), a Internet Co on behalf of Chinese Sina influence and so on, numerous IT youth into Beijing pursue belong to their future.

, as Dickens wrote in the book of Shuangcheng: "this is the best of times, and it is the worst of times." The arrival of the mobile Internet era, again for young people who have ideas, motivated by new opportunities; and whether the glamorous resume suspended in a well-known company, or just out of school than 35 fellow started dream in the shabby office, before most people did not have to write a career the drift list themselves, many of the difficulties attendant only in order not to miss an era.

The so-called "

is ideal for Beijing, prepaid." In third years of graduation, second years of entrepreneurial Lianping Mou station in Beijing Dongbeiwang road in a small office, tilting her head went back and read the two floor on the west side of the window. In 2011 he had originally intended to save to pay Shoufu 200 thousand, rent is less than 70 square meters of office came here from Shanxi, and three other programmers from the North drift, undertake 6000 yuan development outsourcing project start. "No one can say that it will be a success, but if you don’t have the ideal, you can’t hold on. My goal now is to stick to it, just like my famous fellow."

Mou Lianping said fellow, founder of Baidu, Robin Li. Strictly speaking, that Robin Li is not only a drift, or even a black.

back in the autumn of 1991, the 23 year old Robin Li every day running in Haidian residential areas, please fill out the questionnaire people knocking from door to door. His backpack, in addition to a large questionnaire and the ball pen as a gift, but also with their own accounts. He graduated from Peking University in July of that year, he was wandering in the lowest point of life: the school did not consider the number of places in Beijing, he did not have a formal acceptance of his company…… All of this is because almost all of the teachers and students know, Robin Li had made up his mind to study abroad. But the irony is that this year, he received the admission notice at a university in the United States, hopeful to visa, but the accident was denied.

in the students Gebendongxi occasion, Robin Li was asked to move out of the account of Peking University. There is no place to stay, there is no Beijing unit to receive his account can only be returned to the origin. And Robin Li because of the need to go abroad, has handled a passport, in accordance with the provisions of the time, if the account moved back to his hometown – Shanxi, Yangquan, his passport will be invalid, and then want to re apply, >

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