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network service our content are innumerable, scattered everywhere in the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other major sites, the unified network ID "personal brand page demand also spawned and website, we have an article specially introduced for different groups of people website. In the field of brands and businesses, a company called Sparkart digital advertising company launched a website called Storyteller online tools, rich API library to facilitate the integration of content.

Sparkart and CEO Naveen founder Jain said, Storyteller is not a "toy", if you want to play it, make you want to function, HTML, CSS and JavaScript etc. the development of essential basic skills. He also said that the current web developers to put content from other websites to integrate over words, have to manually access by each website, content management system with the corresponding support or wait for add, in the next upgrade. Later on, they also have to track API and the change of policy. And after the Storyteller, the above troubles do not have to manage.

in the Storyteller page we can see that their domineering exposed can help you to create outstanding website "from anywhere, combined with the above screenshot, Storyteller is the most powerful place must have its rich library of API — F first collected over 8.


fact, Storyteller this is the first set of tools for their own use of the Sparkart, made the website the digital advertising company for more than 300 customers, including Bon Jovi, The Killers, Slipknot Keith, Urban Ultimate, Fighting Championship, America ‘s Cup. Jain also said that in the future development of the site will continue to use Storyteller. They also made a simple demonstration, only a few minutes, a beautiful Bon Jovi site was created, with the YouTube video, Tumblr, etc..

Storyteller is now in the invitation test phase, interested friends can try to see.


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