Nora CEO Wang Xin forced to push the results of the performance of the hardware products breakthroug

last week, Nora CEO Zhu Daxin resigned for personal reasons, CEO by the founder of the company, chairman of the board took over as president of the. With the change of CEO, relying on the network player started playing the world’s Nora will also open from soft to hard change.

Nora player two hundred million existing users are mostly college students or just graduated from the single man, dubbed the "Indoorsman" necessary software installed, but also has been involved in jurisprudence and copyright issues. Insist on free, open, only play technology in Wang Xin, under the pressure of profit, expect to achieve breakthrough with the end of the first hardware product.

80 after the two degree of entrepreneurship

in Shenzhen Nora Wang Xin’s office, the most conspicuous is a large screen LCD TV, alongside the game machine Wii. After the king of the original is relying on technology.

at the end of 1999, graduated from the University of Wang Xin was moved to Shenzhen with the technological talent emerge during the University, soon found a joint venture subsidiary of China Telecom, deputy general manager, responsible for technology development company. Three years later, Wang Xin began to love the job environment, decided to go out and began their first round of venture.

Wang Xin founded the Shenzhen stone software company, mainly to do a music exchange software, but due to the lack of management experience and market in three years after encouraged to maintain, Wang Xin turned off the company.

at that time, Chen found Wang Xin, he served as assistant director of the grand SDO department, is responsible for the grand game platform strategy, which is a grand box. But at the time of the regulatory environment and market conditions, project difficulties beyond imagination, slow progress, big box ship even sank. But so far, Wang Xin still believes that the failure of the big box is to do the right thing at the wrong time".

spent a year in the grand, Wang Xin returned to Shenzhen from Shanghai, and in December 2007 set up the Shenzhen Nora Technology Co., Ltd., began its second round of entrepreneurship. The initial stage, Wang Xin’s team on 5 people, the office is in an air-conditioned room of 10 square meters rented. Wang Xin was too poor to have money to visit the company’s investors and friends to eat a meal.

3 million sell child was rejected

soon, Nora users doubled growth, but it almost made Nora collapse. Because Nora was not yet established profit model, but to build an open platform for the use of technology.

with the user’s geometric multiples of growth, Wang Xin need more manpower, hire more equipment, and Nora was a little bit of poor operating capital has bottomed out.

no way, Wang Xin can only go to the country at that time a well-known player software company, hoping to 3 million yuan price will be sold to each other fast, >

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