DC manufacturer Jin Weixin Yu left thousand stationmaster activist nowhere

February 11th, according to several owners reflect, IDC manufacturers gold Weixin Yu recently deserted, the loss of rights owners started, but the result is not ideal.

according to more than the owners reflect, after the Spring Festival, they have found that the site began to set up their own access failure. But when they contact the provider of space, find each other not only can not access the official website, QQ all offline, customer service phone company has been in arrears down. Beijing is a part of the owners came to the company is located in Beijing Fangshan District Liangxiang office that is empty.

rights webmaster found superior hosting service providers Weixin Kim Yu, but the other said, Jin Weixin Yu has terminated the contract with the company in February 3, 2009, Kim Yu Weixin as independent business entities, the operating conditions and the company has nothing to do. For the convenience of users to retrieve data, the company can only temporarily restore access to the relevant server.

, according to Jin Weixinyu’s superior hosting service providers, Kim woo woo Mister Chen Shunli with his ID card in the company hosted 9 servers. Until the incident, they found a copy of the identity card for the other forged, and now they can not get in touch with Chen Shunli. Activists said that the police have been involved in the beginning of the investigation of the disappearance of Kim Yu yu.

IDC industry in 2008 appeared in the cable, the collapse of the phenomenon of network live. The industry believes that the reasons for the collapse of both the impact of the economic crisis, there are factors in the management review.

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