The siblings built MLM website enrichment tens of millions of victims over 18 thousand

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police arrested the suspect Yubei police for map

business daily chief reporter Huang Ping

Chongqing daily news in Guangzhou cosmetics business man in Jilin and had a high pyramid sister collusion earn a lot of money, he flew to Australia registered a shell company, returned to the site named "AHK Australia Huijin financial games". More than 1 years through MLM website enrichment of 10 million yuan, in Guangzhou to buy a luxury car. The day before, Chongqing Yubei police and Guangdong police cracked the case. According to the investigation, the case of more than 18000 people were fooled, involving nearly billion, only Chongqing has nearly a thousand victims.

report: financial game like MLM

yesterday, Yubei District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment introduced in early April of this year, home man Wong Bang Lu police said, married his wife to participate in the online "AHK Australia Huijin financial game activities, it 680 yuan to exchange 100 points (EP) to join the virtual currency to buy the way, when his wife has invested tens of million yuan. He suspected that this is a kind of network marketing. Later, the Yubei police have received several similar alarm. In June this year, the Yubei police set up a task force investigation that the site server in foreign countries, but the main staff engaged in illegal activities in Guangzhou.

action: 4 locations while arresting

in July this year, that the police went to Guangzhou investigation, shortly before the Guangdong Jiangmen city police received the same report, Chongqing Guangdong police investigation decided to join forces.

August 12th, Chongqing police and Guangdong police in Guangzhou, Jiangmen and Dongguan 3 places at the same time, at the same time, the Yubei police also locked the suspects dispatched in chongqing. That night, 4 points at the same time, the "net" arrest team captured 11 suspects mainly. In September 7th, the key members of Wang Yubei police escorted back to chongqing. Yesterday, Yubei prosecutors said, Wang suspicion of organizational leadership pyramid schemes have been arrested.

survey: Australia registered shell company

Yubei prosecutors handling the case, the pyramid scheme the main suspects a total of 4 people, of which the main staff is a high, Jilin, Tonghua, who opened a cosmetics company in Guangzhou. The first half of 2011, Gao did the marketing sister find him, want to build a website with siblings to engage in pyramid schemes, further planning, high then flew to Australia registered "AHK Australia Huijin group".

"It is

publicity and Australia AHK group, the group is actually a shell company." The investigators say, its purpose is to make members believe they are background, absorb funds for investment, to achieve value-added will not collapse, the funds are not involved in the investigation, investment in australia.

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