To dream of wearing pajamas to work in the interests of individual owners Wangzhuan erosion

speaking of personal website profit, I believe we all understand that personal website is currently the main profit depends on the alliance with Google AdSense, Ali mother, led by the advertising alliance has become a personal webmaster "Daily", of course, many of the old domestic league, although unlike two years ago when the fame of "SP storm but it does tend to be stable.

alliance buckle problem is the history of the Federation has been unchanged since the eternal question, but also has been the industry’s unspoken rules, the amount of the League does not seem to be in the country does not exist. Such a problem, perhaps only their own alliance to explain why the amount of deduction.

"webmaster cheating problem" is from the history of the NBA League business has been a headache problem, stationmaster a lot, all sorts of strange things cheating tactics, even Google AdSense so strong technology alliance, and how, the webmaster to cheat, one day luck back, the account is a slew of. But owners around the post, write what kind of paper everywhere do not know their own denounce, the text has been disclosed as it Its loopholes appeared one after another., look at the bear, but also a rookie generation people.

Baidu has a problem! When I Baidu "Wangzhuan", found the army is eroding the China Wangzhuan alliance advertising market, the ability of anti cheating advertising alliance will undergo a severe test of this group of people. This group of people than personal webmaster, more hateful, this is really a group of a group of "lazy" love for people, they in the "forum" in exchange, have an ulterior motive, but they are hard to see others tutorial, have contributed a lot of income for the tutorial creators, perhaps the ultimate success of a few bits a flexible mind, but most of them only to a few so-called Wangzhuan income, or even zero.

"understand" the clever character has been more and more, which is similar to pyramid form Wangzhuan army will Saxiang cheating technology more and more love for people, these people in 80, 90 majority, they are network parasites, is a group of grassroots after low-level users, they do not have much network knowledge, but believe that his dream will eventually be able to achieve rich network, of course, I understand that the majority of people to work at home in my efforts.

Join the

Wangzhuan army, resulting in more and more problems and lax alliance management change dramatically, leading to K, more and more quantity problem, more and more individuals affected by legitimate interests.

As for the

in the Wangzhuan why, I don’t know how to explain it, facing more and more social various opportunistic people, even the swindlers, I really want to ask? Is it the problem of education in our country?

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