n March 2016 the global browser share Chrome local share rose

IDC network (idcps.com) on 06 August 04 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in March the global browser market, occupy the title of the IE shares continued to decline, fell to 43.40%. On the contrary, the runner up Chrome share continued to rise last month, an increase of 2.53%, to reach 39.09%, and IE’s title battle intensified. In the browser version share competition, IE11.0 in the first place, the share rose to 23.18%, the advantage is not reduced. Below, please look at the detailed analysis of the IDC network data.


(Figure 1) March 2016 global browser market share map

Figure 1 shows that in March, the global browser market share of the top three is still IE, Chrome and Firefox, the share of the three are more than 10%, the advantage is obvious. Among them, IE to 43.40% of the share in the first place, but compared with last month, the share continued to decline, reducing by 1.39%. Ranked third in the same share of Firefox was eroded, reduced by 1.14%, down to 10.54%. The second place to occupy the Chrome is a good development situation, an increase of 2.53% share, up to 39.09%. In addition, Safari ranked fourth in the share of the, Opera to share of the top fifth in the same month last month, a slight decline in the month of.


(Figure 2) from October 2015 to March 2016 the global browser share chart

according to figure 2, IDC review network learned from October 2015 to March 2016 this year, has been in the leading position of the IE browser, its market share gradually decline. In March 2016, the share dropped to 43.40%, the decline is still evident, for the 1.39%.

In stark contrast to

, Chrome’s share is rising in the past six months, with a promising future. In March 2016, its share increased by 2.53% to reach, with the IE gap narrowed to 4.31%. According to this trend, in less than two months, Chrome will replace the IE king, then please wait and see.


(Figure 3) March 2016 global browser version of the market share of TOP10

Figure 3 data show that in March the global browser version of the market share of the contest, IE still has a list of the top ten to enter the top 4, last month, ranking changes in the order of regeneration. In the top three, IE no longer occupy 2 seats, only IE11.0 stick to the throne, the share rose to a small rise of 23.18%, leading edge. On the other.

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