The news website Ancestry com considering the sale price of genealogy

Beijing on June 6th news, according to foreign media reports, a source familiar with the situation said, American genealogy web site is considering the sale price, and has hired senior Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone (Frank · Quattrone) under the command of the investment bank Qatalyst Partners LLC to help them find a buyer.

, who declined to be named, said the company, which is based in Utah, Provo, is likely to attract the interest of Private Equity Investment Firm. According to yesterday’s closing price, market capitalization of about $964 million.

California science and technology research and consulting firm Altimeter Group analyst Susan · Ettlinger (Susan Etlinger) said, Google and Facebook and other social network providers may believe that the acquisition of a family is valuable trading service. She pointed out that these internet giants are usually acquired professional commitment to emerging market companies, and the company’s current profitability is not so important thing.

points out: "Ancestry must prove that it has sufficient growth potential. Family service market has not been particularly popular."

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, which dates back to 2010,

, the lowest value of last month was 14.7 times the price earnings ratio (), the lowest level in history. Data show that in 2009 IPO (initial public offering) listed to raise $100 million of funds, earnings ratio of times the full year earnings calculated at a rate of 33.8. According to on its website, the company is the world’s largest provider of Online Genealogy resources.

according to the results of the released in April 25th, in the first quarter ended March 31st, the number of users has increased to 1 million 870 thousand, an increase of 16% over last year. net profit rose 51% in the first quarter, revenue grew by $108 million 500 thousand to $19%.

yesterday in the New York market in regular trading, shares closed at $22.63, rose sharply after 16%, to $26.21. was founded in 1983, was still a publishing company, and later in 1996 the content of digital. spokesman Heiser · (Heather Erickson) declined to comment on this message >

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