Taobao brush chain survey every 4 to 6 yuan reward turnover by half the brush




half a month ago, the NetEase of science and technology published a report entitled "Taobao brush single thousand people cheated, involving millions of" report, caused strong repercussions (with more than 67 thousand). After this, NetEase science and technology have received help information, more fraud cases and deception groups surfaced.

in order to explore the real interests of the chain and brush it, which may induce the fraud, the NetEase technology interviewed multiple sellers, scalping company, fraud, and Ali communication, trying to sort out the interest relationship.

half of the transaction by brush

in Baidu input "Taobao brush", related to the search results is about 51 million, which does not include the name of "part-time", "Taobao marketing" in the name of scalping behavior. In order to investigate the underground industry chain close, reporters have joined several brush single organization, the individual also need to pay membership fee". These rely on QQ group, YY, QT and other communication platform brush organization, often in the hands of sellers on Taobao and Tmall, as well as the third party brush team hands. When the couple arrives, will be responsible for the reception, training, new submitted photo ID card, including Alipay accounts and other large amounts of personal information, and pass the examination, to the official appointment.

shop for each brush to pay the cost of a total of less than 10 yuan, including the 4-6 yuan brush passenger compensation, as well as the cost of about $3.5 courier empty bag. When a new task arrives, the host will be published in the group, the task is to grab the brush off in accordance with the guidelines to specify the store to buy the designated goods.

In order to avoid the

Ali system killing, the seller will strictly follow their guidelines to brush off brush. For example, brush off the account monthly transactions not more than 15 times, can not directly copy the keyword search, to the store of goods than three, by Ali Wangwang and the seller "code"…… In short, brush off to simulate a real customer behavior trajectory, the seller will send empty package in order to avoid pretending momentum, detection of the Taobao system.


took a brush off the goods, sometimes need to advance funds to pay, and confirm receipt and praise after the seller and then return; or by asking someone to pay, remote payment, direct payment by the seller. The former way to brush off the customer is often higher than the latter.

But more than

, brush off an interview with reporters said that this group of women in family and college students, the purpose is generally the use of spare time to earn money". Each single 4-6 yuan reward, need at least 15 minutes to complete. And the task is not always there, so the income is actually very meager.

a third party brush company boss told reporters that he was in the hands of nearly 10 QQ group, each group probably has nearly 2000 customers. "Every one-way seller charged 6-8 yuan, many of my customers, day

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