Google maps car shooting around to shoot street map questioned cited


search engine giant Google Corporation sent a team in the UK powerful shooting team, the new Google map "Vista" (StreetView) the function of taking photos of streets. Some people worry that this will violate the privacy of individuals, while providing criminal information.

Google launched last year "streetscape", at present already covered in some city in the United states.

beat around

British Daily Mail reported on 11, the streets around the UK recently seen everywhere Google shooting. The shooting on the car roof erected several cameras, 360 degree shooting street. Take photos, the appearance of the house, the vehicle is clearly visible, and even the garden of a sun chair can not be spared". Although the Google Corporation refused to announce the opening of the British version when the "streetscape", but a lot of shooting a car, so many British people worried that their privacy was "peep".

last year, the main city in the United States several Street Photos first appeared in Google street view, people in and out of hospitals and clinics, Adult supplies stores and hotels and other scenes appear in the photo. Although the face of the characters have been vague, but still can be identified according to the color of clothing and hair identity.

one photo in the streets, when a woman gets off accidentally exposed underwear, happens to be a passing car shot down shooting. Without the permission of the woman, Google will release this photo. In addition, there are men were photographed into adult bookstore, or crossing the road safety barrier.

criminal helper?


shooting in the UK millions of residential photos, and plans to "streetscape" published on the internet. This practice has been criticized by many british.

use Google map "Vista" software, anyone enter a British Internet names or zip code, you can see a 360 degree panoramic photos of the street. Photos can be seen whether the owner is rich, easy access to the housing, which houses with alarm devices, etc.. Some people think that this may help criminals to find the target of crime. Criminals can use the "streetscape" to find the path out of housing.

national anti videotaping

some Internet technology analysts say they are ready to appear in Google Street View on "indecent" scenes of people seeking legal protection.

UK regulatory information information office said that the "streetscape" published pictures may be exposed in the workplace or other place of character identity, Google should be hidden to appear in all the people in the picture, in order to protect the legitimate rights of personal privacy.

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