The Ding Dong District evacuated Beijing community O2O dispute expansion mode


reporter Cao Shengyuan Shanghai reported

2014 is known as the first year of community O2O, the brightest capital have increased the intensity of concern, many of them have to test the water industry giants. There is the SF hey passengers, community O2O mode pushed to the stage of the vertex.


recently, a new community O2O Ding Dong District funding strand breaks the news, to have entered into the industry and the investors poured a pot of cold water.


denied the Ding Dong district capital chain rupture, clarify just withdraw from the Beijing market, but half the time, the rapid expansion from contraction to practicing internal strength, development experience reflects the ups and downs, the whole community is the development of O2O is not a smooth road.

Keywords: expansion

Ding Dong District at the end of December 2013 project, March 21, 2014 officially launched, initially introduced the angel investment as high as billion yuan level, the valuation of the company 400 million yuan.

"excellent residential living convenience service station", this is the official website for the Ding Dong District APP notes. Founder Liang Changlin believes that the initial definition of the Ding Dong District is from the life of the community, such as carpooling, secondary trading, chat and other various chores, dig out the life of service will be the earnings of the road the Ding Dong district.

with on-line App application, the Ding Dong District of Shanghai subway ads, as well as a variety of advertising screen. At the same time, the company’s push team also began to develop new markets in major communities in Shanghai, frequent and property, courier companies to contact cooperation. Public data shows, from the beginning of this year’s test to now, only Shanghai Pudong Yulan Garden residential use of "Ding Dong area" residents has reached 6000 people. This is the "burning stage", the rapid expansion of a large number of advertising and the team, constitute the main cost for the company.

Ding Dong District on the market for the "capital chain" and "financing was denied the news. In an interview with the company acknowledged the fact that the withdrawal of the Beijing market, and pointed out that the company’s strategy will be adjusted to do a good job in Shanghai and then copied to Beijing.

a buzz has tried to cooperate with express industry insiders told reporters: "(Ding Dong District) before the development speed is too fast, it can stop and think how to go, the future of the company is to be expected."

Ding Dong District chose strategic contraction. But in the face of such a huge market in China, there is still an influx of investors in the field of community O2O, and expansion is precisely the entry and the intended entry of keywords.

a community logistics and life service platform treasure recently announced the acquisition of A round of over ten million U.S. dollars financing. The company from the beginning of the current round of financing and institutions to complete the signing of the agreement, only less than 1 months on the

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