These years learned a few keywords

contact the Internet has been nearly 4 years. During this period of time to contact a lot of people, read a lot of books, but also learned a lot of things. Some of these key words let me benefit from the simplicity of the scene, thinking, dimensions, resources and coordination.


a simple

source: Apple’s products and press conference; "minimalist" books

concept: to provide users with easy to understand, intuitive products, complex processes left to us as well as the system to do

simple supremacy of this keyword to me a great influence, the basic idea of my product thinking. As the development of science and technology, so that the process is greatly reduced, so that we do anything more convenient than before. Today, whether it is life or the design of products, I have embraced the idea of simplicity. Many of the traditional industry transformation of the Internet business, will have such an idea, I have combined with other functions of the product together, users do not have to switch around app, as long as I in this app you can finish all these things. So all kinds of features into their own products, regardless of whether or not in line with their own products. This will not only allow users to feel convenient, but the product to do bloated, so that the user simply can not afford to start, I do not know where to use, which have fled, turned to other simple, focused products.

throughout the history of the development of Internet products, from the initial door of the family website, to the later Google search. From the full screen of the information to leave only a search box, cumbersome processes and messy information to the system to deal with, and the user only needs to operate in accordance with his intuition, which is the ultimate user experience. The same is true of real world products, ranging from manual to automatic to automatic driving; washing machines from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic, etc.. The development of these products allows us to take the 10 step from the operation, to the 5 step, to the final only need to be completed in 1 steps. All of these have proved an idea, that is, to be attributed to jane. We can imagine the future development of smart home, when you come home, the air conditioner has been opened and the temperature control to the most comfortable range, coffee machine to help you make a cup of coffee. When you get to the door, the door opens automatically and enters the room…… These do not require you to do any operation, compared to the previous key to open the door, remote control air conditioning, press the coffee machine switch. Do you feel a lot of simplicity.

"four simple principles of simplicity" mentioned in both articles in daily life, design room arrangement or complex products, understand and use these four principles, can help you make users more comfortable and smooth. These four principles are: the transfer of more complex, hidden non key, delete unnecessary, the organization to provide. The following photos a good explanation of this four principles.


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