nteractive elements for the enterprise website to make the site live

is now the domestic enterprise website, probably more than 90% are dead, I’m dead here is nothing, there is no update, no interaction and no browsing.

‘s corporate website, basically is a pattern that is several channels, company profiles, product introduction, recruitment information, business news, contact us on the end, almost no means to interact with customers, many of the web site, what is on the line, after a few years or what.

This is also related to some of the station program with the domestic

website provides a procedure that several functions, so the use of the site of the program enterprise station will be restricted, custom development of new program cost will be great, many small and medium-sized enterprises are unwilling to spend the money.

The website

on information release function, the product also is we usually say the WEB1.0 era, the enterprise itself is not updated, no one does not know what to update and update, which often do not update the basic corporate website due to be furnished.

at the same time, the only reason to view the enterprise information and not customers visit the corporate website, customers visit the corporate website that can interact with the enterprise, including consultation, complaints, investigation, evaluation, subscription, sharing and forwarding operation, and the vast majority of domestic websites and programs do not support these operations.

website so naturally won’t have people to visit, is to the people will not have a repeat customer, because no second browsing reason, look at basic or like this, did not let the enterprise website platform called the bridge and the customer maintain links, so this business is usually not a good network marketing effect the.

so we have to study, there is a good way to make our site live, so that our website has a reason for continuous interaction with customers. Through the use of word of mouth tools, just a few minutes the enterprise website can have a powerful interactive function and the use of customers to contribute to the quality of the enterprise website tools.

first, the collection of customer evaluation for the site to create a large number of high-quality original content

content can be said to be the soul of the website, no content, customers have no sense of what, now all the enterprise website content are almost the same, because each supplier’s products are basically the trend and homogeneity, so the introduction of products are basically the same things, the customer would know all, so don’t want to look at these details.

What is the

that customers want to see it? In fact, the customer would like to see the most is the evaluation of the enterprise, when customers search for the name of a company, is not to find the company’s contact, more users to search the company name to see the company’s reputation, and these evaluation it is the original content is very good, so the enterprise can use the website to invite customers reputation bee tool to evaluate your product or service.

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