The final three steps to promote the network marketing

a, determine the target population

to promote the need to think about the first question: to promote the target population is those who only develop appropriate, targeted promotion, in order to achieve a better promotion effect.

1, designated target user population

in the commercial company, often according to the needs of the specified part of the crowd, promotion of the targeted promotion (such as games website:, the main crowd is designated network maintenance and network management etc.).

2, in the case of the company is not specified, according to the characteristics of the product to find the crowd

company or website new line of products, the product is identified, but the target population is very vague, this time we need to start to determine the target population from product promotion (as mentioned above: because web game products, so involved in the target population is mostly interested in IT industry people)

two, determine the promotion medium

media is to promote the advantages of the product or a particular function, and the advantages of this product (or function) should meet the needs of users.

how do you find the best media for promotion?

1, according to user needs to find media.

in the product under uncertain circumstances, the user first needs detailed list, then list the priority according to the important degree, choose the most in need of a few users, and then to adjust the product, determining the media

2, according to existing products to find media.

in the product was determined, the advantages of each list, combined with the specific needs of the target user population, comparative analysis, and finally find out the most attractive target products, part of the user, packaging and promotion of its.

three, determine the promotion channels

identified the target population, the promotion of the media, the next will be clear where to promote, in what way to promote the. To determine this, we must first analyze the user habits, at least to figure out three questions.

1, the target population access to information on the Internet

such as information, experience, skills, software resources, etc., according to the priority of a single column.

2, the target population access to information

, such as search engine search, mail subscriptions, industry access to the site, etc., according to the priority of a list.

3, the specific location of the target population

, such as industry sites, forums, SNS, QQ group, etc., according to the priority list.

these three options, standing on the user’s point of view to consider, the idea of a very one-sided one or two people, it is necessary to organize more people to discuss collectively!


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