On my website promotion method

buy a new domain name http://s.8ui.cn did not expect Baidu more than 3 months not included, no way, another way.

I have been using the

way to promote the film publicity, publicity, really less **TV gold advertising time, you want to, when the name of your website URL in the film top right corner, when tens of thousands of spectators had to sweep one eye in the movies, that is how the advertising effect when the audience feel to see more? The movie, he will go to your website.

because of my site is 08 at the beginning of the new open, domain name, the name of station has not been determined, repeated changes was originally called 963gp.com for 3gp television network, later called 3G see, the domain name for 3gkb.com is http://s.8ui.cn and www.654z.com

[home] message

well, foreshadowing as well.

subtitles in the film, we call the watermark. AVI video compression is generally added to the RM film when the watermark file ssa. And I, is the two RM video compression for 3gp mobile phone format, available to download.

specific compression AVI tutorial for the RM, please go to the film Empire: http://s.bbs.cnxp.com/viewthread.php? Tid=368876& extra=page%3D1


video compression is completed, will go to the China BT alliance released, so others can see, sharing your results! Chinese BT alliance released film requires the use of the BT software, in the production of seeds again embedded web site:


after the release of the effect:


how is it reasonable and legitimate to attract a lot of clicks? This method is not suitable for rookie, each step is very troublesome. What is the problem, you can go to my BBS exchange.

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