Live in porn zombie powder and brush how serious We had a little experience

2017, which broadcast platform can survive? How to survive? Change the key nodes in the industry, science and technology Tencent launched mobile broadcast a series of reports, reducing the depth of the past year broadcast industry rise process, pattern change, bubble, transformation and way, provide analysis and valuable thoughts from related industry.


mobile broadcast in 2016 to become the new darling of investors and entrepreneurs, live behind the market has become increasingly unpopular, but accompanied by lingering bubbles and shadow. After sex, zombie fans, brush standings, repeated.

From the perspective of

broadcast platform, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, in order to get more users, more active users, more revenue and financing, have been or are allowed these violations; and for a lot of anchor, the longing for fans and money, they tend to stimulate migration continue to rush into danger. In the gray edge pornography and other services.

this trend, the regulation of the network began to become more stringent, the state Internet Information Office issued the provisions of the regulations on the management of Internet service in December 1st formally implemented.

only really solve the problem of pornography, zombie powder, brush and other issues, in 2017 the mobile broadcast market in order to mature, but according to the survey of Tencent science and technology, as of now, the situation is still not optimistic.

pornography ills difficult except

According to Tencent

technology to incomplete statistics, from early 2015 to the present, it is easy to live, fun sowing, pepper, KK, Ying Ke, the blue whale launched hundreds of live broadcast flagship mobile phone products have on the line, unfamiliar street, such as the United States took on the line live business, as in life and people live gaming game live in different areas.

Although the

platform has invited the star to help enhance their reputation, but there is no denying that the homogenization of content, profit model is not clear, become one of the biggest problems in network broadcast platform.

In early

, these platforms have to think how to find the difference to attract a high degree of concern and retain the core users in many similar platforms, and in order to improve their live List Ranking in order to seek capital support. Thus, the individual network broadcast platform to broadcast the main legal edge ball rush into danger to the practice of "turn a blind eye".

and some anchor in order to increase the popularity, try to use pornography to attract fans to seek benefits, which makes the broadcast platform to get rid of suspected pornographic edge ball play.

"relates to a large scale such as erotic content in broadcast platform appears inevitable, the audience want to see, this anchor can only get a grasp of the different degree of each platform." Founder of a mobile broadcast company Tencent technology bluntly.

in November this year, Mianyang local procuratorate public announcement, Ying Ke female anchor "Sydney gun" for manufacturing, communication >

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