CNZZ panorama statistics on the full occupation of the field of business statistics

recently, the well-known independent third party data statistical analysis service provider —-CNZZ announced its business statistics products —- panorama statistics formally launched operations ( In the future for high-end business customers to provide more efficient, stable and secure statistical services. Compared with another free "webmaster statistics", to increase the number of senior panoramic statistical analysis function, can help business customers more in-depth mining of valuable data, provide decision support information for the development of the company, make accurate and objective evaluation of the current site visit.


since you are more concerned about "how to charge the panoramic statistics", CNZZ is playing a year only 2888 yuan price policy, the average monthly fee is only 200 yuan, any commercial or company has a certain economic strength of the webmaster can easily accept. And, CNZZ in order to allow customers to experience the first, launched a free trial 60 days of activities.


The new version of

in terms of statistics show Panorama of interface design and the data are massive change, function of the re planning, truly reflect the value of new business statistics, panoramic statistic analysis and path analysis on the behavior of the user, the more detailed data mining, so that the user can be more accurate to understand the basic situation of the visiting user and the access path station in the website data at the same time, in order to effectively optimize the site and to develop operational strategy, make the site to maximize its business value.

at the same time, the economic crisis in the environment, how to carry out precision marketing each provide e-commerce services to businesses, reduce advertising costs of waste is a primary problem that every enterprise facing the company, and the CNZZ provided by the third party business statistics service — "scene statistics" with powerful data processing technology based on the multi data integration application, features, in the evaluation of advertising effects on accurate statistics to every page and every piece of advertising on the micro data and access. Can help companies or advertisers to solve these problems. The new version of the statistics in the field of business statistics really create a panoramic data service model.

According to

CNZZ CEO Zhang Zhiqiang introduced, the current micro statistics Internet public market value and commercial value increasingly, CNZZ as an independent third party data is the most powerful statistical analysis services technology provider, has the responsibility to continue to provide users better products, and said that in the future development will be the webmaster and CNZZ business users to provide more perfect and scientific and valuable statistical data.

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