Dimensional network He Xingliang economic crisis is the development opportunity


He Xingliang, deputy general manager of

dimension network

sina science and technology news May 17th morning news, the fourth annual meeting of the Internet will be held in Beijing the Great Wall hotel. The theme of the conference will be carried out in the end. He Xingliang, deputy general manager of the network at the scene to accept Sina Technology interview, he said the economic crisis on the development of the site, is a need to seriously consider the development trend of the opportunity.

following interview record:

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen of sina, we are good! We are in the 2009 General Assembly of the site, we are very pleased to go to the dimension of the founder of the network He Xingliang, accepted an exclusive interview with sina, he always hello.

He Xingliang: Hello, today is very happy to accept an interview with sina.

Moderator: he always, we may have some friends on the dimension of the network there are some strange, first to give you a brief overview of our business model and the situation.

He Xingliang: it is a dimension of network positioning in the company, but also provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge share trading company, users can make many peers in this platform, such as I do find the Internet, I can find the Internet counterparts to learn from their experience, and then how to discuss the model of future development the Internet, how to do together, in this respect the past in the content of the Internet, it is rely on the user to increase, users rely on the increase there is a limitation, is incentive enough, dimensions of network approach, we through cash or some kind of way to encourage users to share content, to achieve a win-win objective. This is a basic goal and core dimensions of network.

Moderator: we are very concerned about a problem, like our founding site has a clear business model?

He Xingliang: the business model for a web site outside the set of users, the first US direction if locked, and after the user develops to a certain extent, to make a precise marketing, for us is a very large profit model. Second, for such a knowledge exchange platform, if we can provide a function of knowledge transaction users that provide this function at the same time we can charge a transaction fee, this is our second point profit model.

anchor: now we talk about the economic crisis may affect more, according to your own situation, what do you think is the site of economic crisis for many entrepreneurial like many webmaster, the effect is not affected? Now is almost over


He Xingliang: I think the economic crisis for the development of the site, may be a we must seriously consider the future trend of development opportunity, if we can seize this opportunity if it will be the site for better development, through this crisis we will think deeply into a problem of the past network >

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