Black Google for money but also lawlessness

today, boring, Google (Google Google) in the search for "the link" of the word, the king ran out of the page below, is really difficult to believe, this is Google unexpectedly do



you think, why now black chain rampant, it is not those who sell links are wrong, the real arch-criminal is Google (Google) yourself! You know, Google’s algorithm is based on the link on the basis of this, the later PR said, no high PR, don not on the schedule, so we will not and, to buy the black chain. If there is no Google (Google) PR, who will buy black chain? No one will buy no market, who will sell it?

funny is Google (Google) said in the fight against the black chain, they sell, a world famous search engine. The abuse of three stem activities, Google (Google) this is to take hundreds of millions of users worldwide as a fool, Chinese station has tens of millions of interests so to sell Google the more your natural ranking! What


to see a stronger: "legend"


played the game "legend" friends all know, "legend" copyright Shanghai grand company and all! It is infringement violations, even spread the official grand to come up with 5 million yuan containment servers. Maybe Chen Tianqiao never thought this and Google bar! For their own interests to do this at the expense of illegal activities, is really embarrassed!

Google Google ah, you let us say you what good? Is money really can do? "Said ah, hope can cause Faithful words grate upon the ear." Google Chinese senior management attention! Personally, to advocate a green harmony search engine, Google should be a pacesetter, rather than a a trouble maker.

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